Steve Allee (piano), Bill Moring (bass) and Tim Horner (drums) playing "Dragonfly", the title track of the new CD by the "Steve Allee Trio" at the CD release party. Available from Owl Studios.

ASCAP Audio/Video Portrait of Steve Allee

Steve Houghton / Steve Allee / Passages MVT. 1

Steve Houghton / Steve Allee / Passages MVT. 2

Steve Houghton / Steve Allee / Passages MVT. 3

Steve Houghton / Steve Allee / Dragonfly U.S. Army Blues

Steve Allee with his son David. David is the owner of The Jazz Kitchen, Indianapolis' haven for live jazz. L to R: Steve, Jamey Aebersold, Pat Harbison, Tyrone Wheeler, Jennifer Shelton, Jonathon Higgins
L to R: John Ridley, Steve Davis, Tim Armacost, Jim Rotundi, Steve, Rufus Reid, David Hazeltine Tyrone Wheeler, Steve Davis, Steve Allee
Steve, Will Kennedy, Jonathon Woods Steve with Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold of the Bob & Tom Show. On location in Nassau, Bahamas
Steve with Bob Kevoian, Chick McGee and Kristi Lee of the Bob & Tom Show L to R; Tom (my boss) with Ezra Todd Shelton. Performing "Prisoner of Love".
The Bob & Tom "Live" band Dr. Luke Gillespie, Steve Allee, Steve Corn and Claude Sifferlin (my mentor)
L to R: Steve, Sonny Fortune, Chris Fitzgerald, Colby Inzer L to R: John Von Ohlen, Mary Ann Moss, Claude Sifferlin, Steve