Steve Allee -

Soundtrack from
"New York In The Fifties"

Produced by Steve Allee
Executive Producer: Tom Griswold

From the film "New York in the Fifties"
Directed by Betsy Blankenbaker

Inspired by the book "New York in the Fifties" by Dan Wakefield

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The Players:

  • Steve Allee - Piano
  • Derrick Gardner - Trumpet
  • Rob Dixon - Soprano & Tenor Saxophones
  • Vincent Gardner - Trombone
  • Jim Anderson - Bass
  • Jakubu Griffin - Drums

The Tunes: (with audio samples in .aif format)

  • Theme from New York in the 50's (Listen - 520k)
  • Village Masters (Listen - 540k)
  • Art's Groove (Listen - 264k)
  • I'm Testifyin' (Listen - 484k)
  • Seventh Avenue South (Listen - 548k)
  • Big Beat (Listen - 412k)
  • That Certain Look (Listen - 360k)
  • Sputnik (Listen - 544k)
  • Allusions (Listen - 560k)
  • Spanish Harlem (Listen - 532k)
  • Kerouac (Listen - 816k)

Recorded at TRC Studios in Indianapolis, IN by Alan Johnson
Assistant Engineers: Bob Carpenter and Kent Vernon

Cover Illustration by Chris Pyle

Special thanks to Tom Griswold, Betsy Blankenbaker, Reiner Vanboorn, the Dunscombs, Chris Pyle, Alan Johnson.