Steve Allee's piano keys speak the international language of love on his 2nd solo CD, Mirage. From the sincerely sweet, "Don't Let Me Be WithoutYou," to hip and sassy "Lips," Allee gets to the heart of the matter. Whether playing tasteful acoustic piano or spicy chops on the synthesized keyboard, Allee takes us through the full range of emotions.

Produced by Tom Borton
Arranged by Tom Borton and Steve Allee
Executive Producers: Tom Griswold, Stan Hillis, Steve Allee and Tom Borton

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The Players:

  • Steve Allee - Piano and Keyboards
  • Tom Borton - Soprano, Alto/Tenor/Bari Sax, Alto/Bass Clarinets, Drum Programming
  • Rayford Griffin - Drums
  • Sekou Bunch - Electric Bass
  • Ray Fuller - Guitar
  • Dwight Sills - Electric Guitar
  • Kevin Chokan - Electric Guitar
  • Charles Smith - Electric Guitar
  • Frank Simes - Acoustic Guitar
  • Mark Browne - Electric Bass
  • Debra Dobkins - Percussion
  • Stan Hillis - Flute
  • P.J. Yinger - Trumpet
  • Larry Wiseman - Trumpet
  • Loy Hetrick - Trombone

The Tunes: (Including audio samples in .aif format)