"Magic Hour"

Combining his love for everything from traditional bebop to funk and R&B, Steve Allee fills The Magic Hour with a wistful yet savvy, lighthearted yet meaningful sense of groove and melody. Despite the vast eclecticism within its thirteen tracks, at the heart of each tune is Allee's dynamic solo piano spirit, which dances over a wide variety of tempos, moods and textures.

Produced by Tom Borton
Executive Producers: Tom Borton, Tom Griswold, Stan Hillis and Steve Allee

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The Players:

  • Steve Allee - Piano and Keyboards
  • Vel Lewis Synth Bass
  • Kevin Chokan - Electric Guitar
  • Lenny Castro - Congas and Percussion
  • Tom Borton - Saxophones and Drum/Perc Programming
  • Mark Browne - Electric Bass
  • Mark Goldenburg - Electric Guitar
  • Bill Moore - Carpenter Drum Loop
  • Jerry Hey - Trumpet
  • Ray Fuller - Electric Guitar
  • Bob Sheppard - Tenor Sax solo
  • Debra Dobkins - Congas and Percussion
  • George Adjieff - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
  • Yara Figiuera - Vocals

The Tunes: