Photos of Steve Allee with the Bob & Tom Crew

Bob, Steve and Tom in the Bahamas

Bob & Tom Band in St. Louis, MO
performing Tom's rendition of "Prisoner of Love" (Prison Bitch)
From left to right. Roman Broadus, Daron Washington, Kristy Lee, Becky Martin, Ricky Rydell, Chris Pyle (drums), Ezra Todd Shelton, Tom Griswold (prison outfit) Frank Smith (bass), Jay Young (sax), Stan Hillis (sax), Steve Allee (keyboards), P.J. Yinger (trumpet). Michael Clark and Charlie Smith (guitar), Bob Kevioan, not pictured


Steve and Ricky Rydell

Mark Patrick (left) and Some Technical Guy (right)

Charlie Smith (Guitar)

Christy Lee, Tom, a Bahamian man, Bob, Pat Carlini

Hotel during Bob & Tom in the Bahamas broadcast