Steve Allee -

Downtown Blues

This CD contains music from the John Von Ohlen, Chuck Carter and Steve Allee Big Bands.

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The Players:

  • Piano: Steve Allee
  • Organ: Steve Corn
  • Guitar: Royce Campbell
  • Bass: John Clayton or Bill Moring
  • Drums: John Von Ohlen
  • Vibes: Art Reiner or Claude Sifferlin
  • Timbales: Art Reiner
  • Congas: Michael McFarland
  • Voice: Rita Reed, Chuck Carter
  • Reeds: Tom Meyer, Mark Radway, Harry Miedema, Chuck Carter, Terry Cook
  • Trumpet: Larry Wiseman, David Herndon, Jim Edison, Rick Savage, Steve Robinett, Don Johnson, Larry McWilliams, Al Kiger, Al Hembd
  • Trombone: Flip Miller, Bruce Geske, Tim Riggins, Jared Rodin, Ed Cox, David Pavolka, Ken Kugler
  • Recording Engineer: Jack Gilfoy, Mark Hood, John Lazott
  • Mastering: Alan Johnson, TRC Studios

The Tunes: (with audio samples in .aif format)

  • Showtime
  • A Walk Through Bombay
  • Downtown Blues
  • Friday's Waltz (Listen 689k)
  • Big George
  • It Could Happen To You (Listen 734k)
  • Cariba (Listen 674k)
  • Saturn's Dance
  • The Joint Is Jumpin'
  • Algeria
  • Burma
  • Danse of Siam